Snapchat: a means for publishing?

  Oh, Snapchat. The app grown to be the addiction of the younger generation. Journalists have jumped on the bandwagon to publish their news on this platform - and that includes news organisations such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. This collection of published stories are available to be viewed by the masses anytime, … Continue reading Snapchat: a means for publishing?


Online shareability: catalysing the news

The omnipotent atmosphere of digitalisation has brought upon countless opportunities to utilise its resources to the best ability. With digital news comes greater content shareability and exposure to the masses. But how can we, as journalists, make such content appeal to the standard of shareability? A news company most noted for its successful shareability is Buzzfeed, which produces … Continue reading Online shareability: catalysing the news

Interactive Stories: Behind the Scenes

Digital delivery has largely taken over our scope of news since our "goodbyes" to printed journalism. No longer are we accustomed to turning the pages. Instead, we take our hands to touch-screen compatibility. With this newfound fame of news digitalisation and interactivity, the online newsrooms have been taking a knack at longer, informative stories of rich content … Continue reading Interactive Stories: Behind the Scenes