Snapchat: a means for publishing?

  Oh, Snapchat. The app grown to be the addiction of the younger generation. Journalists have jumped on the bandwagon to publish their news on this platform - and that includes news organisations such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. This collection of published stories are available to be viewed by the masses anytime, … Continue reading Snapchat: a means for publishing?


The BS in Blogging (Branding & Sponsorships)

Remember when earning an income meant having a full-time job and working in an established company? Well, times have changed - in the journalism realm, that is. While modern-day journalists can still engage workforce journalism, freelance journalism has taken over a portion of the working class, and works as an alternative career trail. According to Nikki Parkinson, freelance Australian … Continue reading The BS in Blogging (Branding & Sponsorships)