Online news = a leeway for ethics? 

There is no doubt ethics serves as a key criteria in journalism. In online journalism, there are three portions we as journalists should aim to achieve: accuracy, independence and impartiality, according to ABC News journalist Kellie Riordan. With the ubiquitous nature of online journalism, this has raised questions on what is ethical and what is … Continue reading Online news = a leeway for ethics? 


Interactive Stories: Behind the Scenes

Digital delivery has largely taken over our scope of news since our "goodbyes" to printed journalism. No longer are we accustomed to turning the pages. Instead, we take our hands to touch-screen compatibility. With this newfound fame of news digitalisation and interactivity, the online newsrooms have been taking a knack at longer, informative stories of rich content … Continue reading Interactive Stories: Behind the Scenes

An ego in radio

Journalism sounds like an interesting job when ABC radio show presenter Spencer Howson tells you what he had been up to. "That's what my journalism degree got me," he says at a Monday morning lecture, showcasing his treasured portfolio of moments at the ABC. From flying to Fiji after the Cyclone Winston aftermath to playing a vacuum cleaner in the Queensland … Continue reading An ego in radio

The BS in Blogging (Branding & Sponsorships)

Remember when earning an income meant having a full-time job and working in an established company? Well, times have changed - in the journalism realm, that is. While modern-day journalists can still engage workforce journalism, freelance journalism has taken over a portion of the working class, and works as an alternative career trail. According to Nikki Parkinson, freelance Australian … Continue reading The BS in Blogging (Branding & Sponsorships)

Live blogging: making politics fun

Let's get straight to the facts - Queensland politics is "a whole scope of crazy", according to Brisbane Times political reporter Amy Remeikis. However, political stories are not exactly the easiest to engage the audience with. One way to make it captivating is to blog fast, and that is what Ms Remeikis did with the start-up of Brisbane Times blog "Hey, … Continue reading Live blogging: making politics fun

Online clickbait: ethical or not?

If you are like me, you are easily drawn to clickbait - be it an article, video, or anything that digitally captures your eye - dodging potential viruses and money scams, of course. (If you are not like me, well... I trust you!) You might have come across a headline that tickles your fancy, then realising that the article … Continue reading Online clickbait: ethical or not?

Journalistic innovation: Where do we go from here?

We know that journalism is growing, and fast. From the Gutenberg printing press, to television broadcasting, radio and the breakout of the internet, it is indubitably an ever-changing industry alike many others in this world, through the hands of innovation. With the takeover of social media over the years, journalists have experimented on a variety … Continue reading Journalistic innovation: Where do we go from here?