Snapchat: a means for publishing?


Oh, Snapchat. The app grown to be the addiction of the younger generation.

Journalists have jumped on the bandwagon to publish their news on this platform – and that includes news organisations such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail. This collection of published stories are available to be viewed by the masses anytime, anywhere in the world, under Snapchat Discover.


With Snapchat being a host for content, this serves journalists with an informal platform to use. According to author Paul Bradshaw, its customs have been created by a user base younger than those from Facebook or Twitter. This therefore is suited to more casual and soft-topic news highlights, but that does not mean breaking news deserves no place on Snapchat. After all, news organisations like BBC News and CBS News can be seen covering politics on the app. However, while Snapchat may seem like your typical social media platform, storytelling methods like stickers, filters and texts are just some of the creative elements journalists can embed in their storytelling methods.


Although such creativity is encouraged on the app, this may not be suitable for all news organisations. While it is an interesting platform, Brisbane Times Editor Danielle Cronin says it takes commitment to present a story well on the app, but Brisbane Times have found it would not drive audience engagement. Therefore, journalists have to take note if their news can be suited to their storytelling formats.



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