The BS in Blogging (Branding & Sponsorships)

Remember when earning an income meant having a full-time job and working in an established company?

Well, times have changed – in the journalism realm, that is. While modern-day journalists can still engage workforce journalism, freelance journalism has taken over a portion of the working class, and works as an alternative career trail.

According to Nikki Parkinson, freelance Australian blogger at StylingYou, freelance bloggers don’t just broadcast content for their target audience, they also have a brand to maintain and earn money from multiple income streams – including sponsorships.


However, sponsorships are a selective process, she says – having to choose partners who similarly influence the audience to making sure she can positively maintain her brand.

It all aligns with influencing the audience – and sponsorships are one way of doing it – and with care at that. Nikki always notifies the audience of a sponsored post in the first few lines of her published content, and says that duping followers or readers isn’t the right life to live by. Disclosure is key, after all, she says – losing trust in the long term brings the whole “an apple a day sends the doctor away” strategy. Nikki reveals that 4% of her readers object to sponsored posts, and raising that number will draw concern.

Adding to that, blogging is not just about broadcasting the story, but engaging with the audience in an interactive process – and as Nikki says, it is the ultimate goal. By having people connect with other people, to their own liking.

In the end, it all adds up to being an influencer – filling the blog with authenticity, audience, engagement and trust, as she said on a Monday morning lecture. Today, it’s more than just blogging – it’s work, it’s change and it’s influence.

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