Live blogging: making politics fun


Let’s get straight to the facts – Queensland politics is “a whole scope of crazy”, according to Brisbane Times political reporter Amy Remeikis. However, political stories are not exactly the easiest to engage the audience with.

One way to make it captivating is to blog fast, and that is what Ms Remeikis did with the start-up of Brisbane Times blog “Hey, QT” – a live “Question Time” blog which enlightened audiences on Queensland Parliament sitting dates. What started off as a risk ultimately paid off – with hundreds of thousands of views every week.

What’s interesting about live blogging is that it’s not a matter of life and death. Posts can be driven with humour and personality, as blogging does not succumb to the void of creativity. Memes, music videos and pop culture references are all welcome! A great time to be alive, is it not?

However, a blog involves some flow in its content too- you can’t speed up the process without a little push. When there are large chunks of time where nothing happens, Remeikis injects some relatable history or user generated content in the blog. “Mixing news with ridiculousness” is what it is – and that is how she kept the 8 hour live blog interesting and engaging.

On the other hand, “context is king” in modern journalism according to Remeikis, and placing things into context can expand the audiences’ outlook of an issue. After all, while regularity is what keeps blogs active and alert, journalists are still here to inform the audience, and tell stories in a way that impacts the audience.

Until the next time, thanks for tuning in to this blog post.



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