Journalistic innovation: Where do we go from here?

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We know that journalism is growing, and fast. From the Gutenberg printing press, to television broadcasting, radio and the breakout of the internet, it is indubitably an ever-changing industry alike many others in this world, through the hands of innovation. With the takeover of social media over the years, journalists have experimented on a variety of platforms with potential to broadcast news stories. Twitter took the world by storm in the past years as users could live-tweet newsworthy events in real-time, drawing journalists to extend their pathways to publish online news content and draw circulation. Major news organisations such as The New York Times and BBC News have produced live content for Facebook Live to offer audiences a distinct way of news broadcasting. And now, Virtual reality is a possibility – with a widespread debate as to whether it is a suitable platform for news broadcasting – promoting an idea behind the “internet of things” and allowing a space for people to live their lives, where one can access matter if deemed useful.

But with big change comes big responsibility, and with that we have to encompass the likeliness of adapting to what is yet to come. It is a wide scope, after all – the possibilities are endless, and as Brisbane Times editor-in-chief Simon Holt says it, “we are on the line of the unknown”.

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To get on the right track, emerging journalists need to create something bigger, BETTER, in a way traditional journalists have no awareness of producing. By using the newfound technology coming forth, Holt also advises that we put our thinking tanks on: how do we get our resources and use them to get an audience? He also says younger ones are good at “blue sky thinking” – envisioning how things might be and not just how they are. Therefore, it is in the hands of these young journalist faces and fresh graduates to come forth and make do of what is yet to come for the industry.

But when it comes to publishing any story for that matter, no matter what change the future brings or the degree of innovation to be carried out, it is important to remember the essence of journalism: to give people the news they want – seeing through our ‘journalism’ lens to decipher how the news story will impact our audiences.

Ultimately, what is yet to come will be a huge deal to both the industry and the audience. What is beyond the line of unknown should not be feared by those with the resources to cross.


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